Social media, when used strategically over time, can provide a business with incredible return on investment and growth. But it’s not a magic potion! The key words are ‘strategic’ and ‘time’. You have to know what platforms and venues are the best for spreading the word about your business and you must have the time and energy to invest in making the strategy successful.

Businesses sometimes are unaware of which platform is best for them to reach their customers. Or if they already have a handle on that, it’s often a question of not having the time to spend. Social media is not solely about sharing information. It’s about engaging in a conversation. Sharing your blog on Twitter may get you some followers but there is so much more you can do!

The art of social media marketing is in knowing how to instigate conversation around your business and how to delight and engage your customers so that they become a great asset to you.
Here are some concrete things you can do:

  • Develop a strategy – what are your goals? What does success look like and how much time are you willing to invest to get your company there?
  • Tweet & Post with gusto – share your blog, ask your followers what they think of a certain product, tweet directly to customers you are targeting, post engaging visuals and interesting videos of your office, your product, photos that let your personality shine through.
  • Share killer content – the posts and pictures and tweets you share need to be shareable. Your followers must want to share them with their followers so that you are reaching the broadest audience possible and instigating conversation.
  • Listen to what people are saying – if you get a direct tweet or Facebook post from a follower, respond to them. Even if it’s a negative comment – turn it around! There are countless examples of companies talking directly to their customers and providing customer service that turns a complaint into delight.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new – If it works, do more of it! If it doesn’t, file it away. You may want to try it again as your audience changes or you may move on and tell yourself to forget about that one! Both your successes and your failures will teach you how to get the best ROI from social media marketing
  • And finally…Measure, Measure, Measure – once you’ve got your goals and strategy, make sure that the posts and tweets you are sharing align and then follow the analytics to see what is successful and what is not.