3b64cc001a41b667bedd9c3769a9497b5bf71241Serendipity Social Media helps brands define marketing goals and create campaigns that make sense. We’re all about creating and sharing content in an innovative and visual way to help get you the return on investment you desire.

No marketing strategy? No problem. We’ll help you create a killer marketing strategy including analyzing what you are doing now on social media and how that jives with your marketing plan. Then we’ll come up with a brand awareness campaign to build your online presence and get you noticed.

Need to be more Social? We can help. We create beautifully visual pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, you name it!) that incorporate all of the functionality you need for your business. We’ll share your perspectives in written posts, videos and photos for full marketing impact. Next up, an Ad strategy that will promote your new pages and drive traffic to your website. Then we listen and measure so we keep the conversation going.

Ready to communicate? Maybe you are a frustrated blogger or just don’t have time. Never fear! We craft words in your voice that will pull your prospective clients in and have them clicking. And don’t forget, a picture is worth 1000 words. It’s true. A beautifully visual email newsletters is another key tool in your tool box. Not a writer? A google hangout webcast (live or recorded) will create video content to share your wisdom and expertise on your website or your YouTube channel

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