I spend a lot of time thinking about having conversations online. I recognize not everyone does this, so bear with me! Last summer, we had a family reunion on the Swedish side of my family. Sort of like our Christmas Smorgasbord in August. It was so great to see everyone IN PERSON after 20 months.

The conversations flowed and jumped between different groups and family members (mostly in the kitchen). It was fluid, and loud, and fun, and my heart was full.

Online conversations are not different from in-person conversations. They really are the same animal and the key is to share in the same way you would with your Swedish first cousin. OK, that might just be me, but you know what I mean?

When we talk with someone we care about, there’s a give and take. We ask questions. We listen to the answers and we can’t wait to share our own feelings on the whatever the conversation is about. I think that we all need to do the same thing on social media.

Showing up in a personal way, sharing our best selves, and caring about the conversation elevates what is happening online. Try it and let me know how it feels! I hope it feels like you are talking with someone you care about and having a conversation that makes your soul sing.