I’m just like you. I sometimes struggle with what to share on social media. So…I’ve been following my own advice and creating a social media content calendar with two weeks of post ideas. That way, when I sit down to share a post, I don’t have to do a lot thinking. The creative energy just bubbles out of me.

Welp. This week, I was going to write about how much energy and peace I get from walking or running on the Rail Trail in my town. Then on Sunday, after a long day of fun family reunion with the Swedish side of my family (I’ll share more about that next time), I was running to say good bye to my mom and I ran into a chair. My pinky went right and the rest of my foot went left, and you get the picture. No walking or running on the rail trail for me for a bit.

That got me thinking about course correcting. I spend a lot of time thinking through what works well in a social media post and why did it work. Then you’ve got the posts that fell flat. I don’t like to get lost in data, but I do like to check in and look at themes.

My toe reminded me this week that sometimes we need to be flexible and course correct when things aren’t working or when what was working doesn’t work for your current situation.

If you need any help course correcting, hit me up. I’ll be sitting here at my computer icing my foot for the foreseeable future. On the plus side, my husband Stephen keeps me supplied in coffee and water.